Bedding Set in Intergalactic Blue Burst

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Dive into this stunning natural indigo dyed 100% cotton duvet set hand dyed in 'Intergalactic Blue Burst' shibori technique. No two sets are ever the same.

As Shakespeare once said, "If you love them, let them sleep".

100% Cotton, Pre-washed, Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases (white and dark wash indigo).

Why not add indigo textiles to your whole home? I also make selected styles of linen napkins, towels and beautifully crafted canvas cushions, all hand-dyed with natural indigo in ancient Japanese Shibori traditions.

Approximate dimensions for Queen size:
Duvet cover 218 cm x 218 cm
Pillowcase 51 cm x 76 cm

Approximate dimensions for King size:
Duvet cover 218 cm x 258 cm
Pillowcase 51 cm x 91 cm

Shown here one of my freshly dyed duvet sets drying in the treehouse studio 🙂