Bedding Set in Intergalactic Noodle Shibori

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Our bestselling duvet set is made from soft 100% cotton and hand dyed with natural plant based indigo in a one of a kind ‘Intergalactic Noodle’ shibori based on an ancient Japanese shibori technique. Each set is hand dyed by me in my Toronto studio and no two sets are ever the same.

Our Indigo shibori process is rooted in ancient Japan, where back in 1600’s the Samurai wore indigo-dyed fabrics under their armour to help keep bacteria from wounds. Natural indigo dyed clothing results in richer blues and has a surprising range of qualities like antibacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics, as well as the fact that it repels odours and dirt, a perfect match for a good night's sleep.

Approximate dimensions for Queen size:
Duvet cover 218 cm x 218 cm
Pillowcase 51 cm x 76 cm

Approximate dimensions for King size:
Duvet cover 218 cm x 258 cm
Pillowcase 51 cm x 91 cm

Love your bed even more!