TJ Indigo Clothing Co. is a small line of modern indigo shibori one-of-a-kind clothing, hand crafted in Toronto using natural fabrics & natural indigo dye. TJ Indigo attempts to reinvent clothing for conscious living and lifestyle. Our garments are a mix of comfort and style in a distinctive 'living' blue color, inspired by nature, abstract art, European fashion traditions and Japanese Zen aesthetic. TJ Indigo is committed to local and fair trade production methods which emphasize quality and comfort as a way of achieving sustainability in the fashion industry. 

We offer clothing, bedding and accessories. 

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We believe in great design, functional, user-oriented, timeless and innovative, values that we feel are very important in today's throw-away culture. Our clothing embodies this philosophy through adjustable one size designs that take your shape, soft natural fabrics that breathe and skillful craftsmanship that is hard to find.


Natural indigo dyed clothing results in richer blues and has a surprising range of qualities like antibacterial and flame-resistant characteristics, as well as the fact that it repels odor and dirt.

Rooted in Japanese culture, this process dates back to the 1600 with Samurais wearing indigo-dyed fabrics under their armour to help keep bacteria from wounds. Even today, indigo blankets and clothing are traditional baby gifts, in the belief that the properties in the natural dye protect newborns from illness.

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Natural and sustainable is at the core of TJ Indigo Clothing Co. We use natural, plant and protein based fabrics exclusively, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, genuine leather, natural dyes and other renewable materials throughout out design process from the drawing board to hang tags.

Fast fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet after big oil and it is women in third world countries working under slave-like conditions who make the clothing. Vast majority of clothing is made with synthetic dyes and synthetic fibers, which are plastics, made from and treated with heavy chemicals that are released into air and water.

According to latest research average consumer buys 68 garments per year, meaning a garment a week. Awareness of the fast fashion’s dark shadow among consumers is growing and there’s a renewed interest in ‘slow fashion’, a production method which emphasizes quality as a way of achieving sustainability in the fashion industry.

As part of the growing 'slow fashion' movement, TJ Indigo Clothing Co. hopes to make the world a more livable place for all of us.


Tamila Lesov is the creative director and owner of TJ Indigo Clothing Co. Born in a family of artists she was always surrounded by art and creativity. She received her education from Ontario College of Art and Design and has been working as a designer for 10+ years.

Pregnant with her second child, she became hyper aware of the toxins found in products meant for newborns as well as of her own unpredictably changing body shape. She became fascinated with natural dying techniques and sustainable one size clothing. She hand dyes each piece with natural indigo in her treehouse studio. She works together with a fashion designer with over 30 years experience in fashion industry.


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