Men's Solid Indigo Organic Bamboo T-shirt

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Ultra soft organic bamboo cotton blend T-shirt hand dyed with plant based indigo.
• Original Bamboo is silky and vibrant.
• Comfortable fit. Not baggy, not tight.
• 70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton.

Bamboo is grass, and one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It thrives without the use of pesticides, produces 35% more oxygen than trees, is beneficial for the soil, and is highly renewable. It’s a great plant.
Indigo shibori process is rooted in ancient Japan, where back in 1600’s the Samurai wore indigo-dyed fabrics or AI-zome under their armour to help keep bacteria from wounds. Natural indigo dyed clothing has a surprising range of characteristics such as antibacterial and odor and dirt repellent.

Please note: Due to the handcrafted nature of the dyeing technique, each piece is one of a kind and will vary slightly compared to the garment pictured.

Pre-washed, one of a kind, wear with love! 💙