TJ Indigo Clothing Co. is a contemporary indigo shibori one-of-a-kind clothing brand launched in Toronto in 2015 by Tamila Lesov. A mix of modern comfort and beautiful quality in distinctive plant-based indigo or 'living' blue color, our garments are cut, sewn and dyed locally from natural and often organic fabrics. 

Go eco-friendly with our of a kind handmade clothing, bedding and accessories.
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Indigo has a rich history with the oldest known indigo dyed fabric dating back to 6,000 years ago and was valued as a luxury product by the Greeks and the Romans.

Our I
ndigo shibori process is rooted in ancient Japan, where back in 1600’s the Samurai wore indigo-dyed fabrics or AI-zome under their armour to help keep bacteria from wounds. Natural indigo dyed clothing has a surprising range of characteristics such as antibacterial and odor and dirt repellent. 



Natural and sustainable is at the core of TJ Indigo Clothing Co. Most of our clothing is cut and sewn in Toronto in small batches and embodies 'slow fashion' philosophy. From the drawing board to compostable packaging we focus on sustainability by offering high quality, timeless designs, utilizing botanical and low impact dyes, local fabric manufacturers and suppliers and skillful craftsmanship that is hard to find. 



Tamila Lesov is the creative director of TJ Indigo Clothing Co. Born in a family of artists in St. Petersburg, Russia she received her education from the Ontario College of Art and Design and has been working as a UX/UI designer of large enterprise software applications in both corporate and startup environments for over 10 years.
She became concerned about toxins commonly found in baby products and specifically textiles while pregnant with her second child. This has led her into exploring botanical dyes and brainstorming designs of the more sustainable one size clothing for women. She launched TJ Indigo Clothing Co. in 2015 and hand dyes each garment in her treehouse studio. She works together with a fashion designer who brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and a lifelong love of fashion.